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22 February: World Thinking Day/Founders Day. Anniversary of the birth of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell.

23 April: St. George's Day. Patron of the Scouts.

27 April: King's Day. (Koningsdag / Dia di Rei)

19 May: Anniversary of the foundation of our organisation. “Vereniging van Oud-Padvindsters “Copernicia” started their activities on May 19th, 1985. The first articles of the association were approved by national decree of September 1st, 1989, number 3, by the Acting Governor of the Netherlands Antilles.

30 May: St. Joan of Arc. Patron of the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

2 July: Curaçao Anthem and Flag Day. 

1 August: Anniversary of the first Scout camp in Brownsea Island, UK (1907).

10 October: Curaçao Autonomy Day.

25 October: International Fellowship Day. Anniversary of the foundation of ISGF (AISG in French and Spanish) in 1953.

25 December: Christmas Day. 

31 December: New Year's Eve.